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  • Which APIs should you build or buy?

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  • Offer only APIs that customer really need

  • Learn the first steps of APIOps Cycles method

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Instructor Bio:

Speaker at apidays Helsinki, INTERFACE, New York and other API conferences. Co-author of API Economy 101 book. Creator of the free "Introduction to API Economy" course with Tampere University. “Mother” of the lean, open and business-oriented APIOps Cycles method. API business consultant, architect, and trainer for companies and public-sector. 10+ years of experience with API Economy from retail, energy, ICT, construction and traffic industries, among others. I'm M.Ed. with Computer Science, Leadership, Product Management and Business Administration studies. Contact me in Linkedin or Twitter: @mniinioja

Marjukka Niinioja

Founding partner, APItalista

Meet our experts

Instructor Bio:

CDO at Platform of Trust by day, "DX Doctor" specialized in researching Developer Experience by night. Co-author of API Economy 101.

Jarkko Moilanen

"DX Doctor", CDO

Hear from some of our customers

“I was new to working with APIs and would appreciate an outside perspective on our API and how it stacks up. I wanted to know how to best meet our revenue goals and improve conversion of our API.”

Product manager

“Our business was scaling up and our API was getting more and more users. Unfortunately, it meant also more questions to our support. We were sure there was something that could be done in improving our documentation and on-boarding process, we were just not sure what to do. We also wanted to benchmark with our competitors.”

Product Manager

Procountor Finago

“We were designing a whole new marketplace for SaaS vendors, with some unique features. We wanted to go api-first and take good care of our vendors and their developers. We wanted to know how to do the designs from business and developer experience point of view. ”



Learn the first steps of APIOps Cycles method

Lean and business-oriented open method

This course guides you through the first steps of the APIOps Cycles method. Learn how to map customer needs and jobs-to-be-done or tasks, whichever you prefer to your API offering. Identify which APIs to build and which to re-use, change, or buy to fill the developer and end-customer needs.
APIOps Cycles