What you'll get from this program

  • Practical stories from the "wild west" of creating value with data, APIs and platforms.

  • All aspects of productization of APIs, creating the carrots for the developer customers

  • Lasso your developer customers: create a value proposition for developers - with the developers!

  • Learn about putting APIs in your strategy and business model. With monetization and other ways of creating value with APIs

  • Learn to make the best of your own organization and the partner ecosystem: market, support, and design customer journeys for developers and create outstanding developer experience.

  • “Hall of fame”: After successfully completing the course, you will join the "posse" of Developer Whisperers - ready for the next API product to tackle! If you are a consultant or freelancer we’d be happy to refer work your way

How are we doing it?

  • Learn on your own pace - 6 hours in total

    2 hours of video interviews and presentations you can learn at your own pace.

  • Experts at your service

    Experts with years of experience in API productization and developer experience. They will assess your work and give you feedback. You can even book live online sessions with them and really pick their brains – the first one is on us!

  • Ready-made templates and examples

    The course uses the open and business-oriented method, APIOps Cycles as a key ingredient.

  • 14 day free trial!

    We won't charge you for the first 14 days - but if you stay on, you'll get our expert advice and access to the content monthly.

What do we expect from you?

  • Experience or formal training in either product management, marketing or sales

  • Some knowledge of APIs - Take our free Essential APIs course, if you have never seen or used APIs before

  • Basic understanding of the business models and possibilities with APIs. Take our free Introduction to API Economy course or read part I of the popular API Economy 101 book, written by the course authors.

  • An API case of your own to productize or market. If you don't have one, reach out to us and we'll see if we can hook you up with a company to practice with.

Try the course and save hours of work

The course gives you tools and expert guidance. Get access to all the content and get our expert help for as many months as you like. Service VAT 24% added for Finnish and EU consumer customers.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • How to use this course

    • Ep. 1: Meet the experts on this course

    • Before we begin...

  • 2

    Who are the developer customers?

    • Ep. 2: Developers as customers

    • What "Developers" are we talking about here?

    • Example: Phillips HUE API is designed for IoT developers

    • Research on Developer Experience

    • Customer experience & Developers

    • Exercise: Put yourself in the shoes of a developer

  • 3

    What is a good value proposition for developers?

    • Ep. 3: Platform value proposition

    • In API Economy - partnerships are made with APIs

    • What is a good value proposition for developer customers?

    • Ep. 4: "API way or the highway"

    • Example: Rev.com API - clear value proposition

    • Ep. 5 Killer value proposition - how to create it?

    • Tips & Tricks for this course

    • Exercise: Learn to use API Value Proposition Canvas

    • Ep. 6: Elusive APIs - how value proposition helps find your APIs?

  • 4

    APIs in your business model & strategy?

    • Ep. 7: Using your ecosystem to stay competitive

    • Ep. 8: Revenue models

    • Exercise: Which revenue models to use?

    • Ep. 9: Validating business and revenue models for your chosen developer segments

    • Exercise: Fitting APIs to your business model

    • Ep. 10: Other ways of creating value - faster innovation

    • Survey: Goals for your API program?

  • 5

    Effective ways to support developer customers

    • Ep. 11: Developer community - cost-effective way to market and support

    • Ep. 12: What is an ecosystem and how does it help with APIs?

    • Ep. 13: Developer portal - what is it?

    • Example: Developer portals

    • Ep. 14: Best practices for developer registration

    • Exercise: “Mystery shopping” and benchmarking onboarding process

  • 6

    Marketing to developers

    • Ep . 15: Developer marketing is not about bling

    • Ep. 16: Best channels to reach developers

    • Ep. 17: Even more channels - On-site and online, remember to measure!

    • Ep. 18: API directories and marketplaces - are they worth it?

    • Exercise: Make your own developer-focused marketing plan

  • 7

    API Design and Developer Experience

    • Ep. 19 API Design & Developer Experience?

    • Co-operating with your tech team

    • Ep. 20 API Design - Benchmarking good, copy-paste bad

    • Example: Interviewing your developer customers

    • Ep. 21: How to create "familiar-looking" APIs?

    • Ep. 22: Relationship between profitability & API design standards

    • Ep. 23: Using examples in API documentation - yes or no?

    • Ep. 24: Other ways to guide your developer customers

    • Ep. 25: Example from Stripe - how to fast track API adoption with code libraries

    • Example: Style guide and API Audit

    • Example: Vonage Nexmo voice platform

    • Ep. 26: Ongoing Developer Experience - Measure & Improve

  • 8

    Master the art of Developer Whispering

    • Before you go...

    • You're almost done!

Are you a seasoned product manager, marketer or designer? Or a trained junior professional?

Is your next challenge to productizing and monetizing APIs, data, and platform products? Is your next audience software developers?

 You think it's a breeze, with all your expertise with digital products - don't you?

Here's the thing: Even you may feel like a cowboy in an urban jungle. At least when it comes to productizing APIs and creating an offering for software developers.

Have you ever heard of horse whisperers? 

An average developer customer is certainly not a horse. But you do need to give them some special sugar cubes and talk to them in a special way, understanding the traditions, trends, and tools of a developer and APIs as product or part of your product. 


That's why we are offering an exclusive program for future Developer Whisperers! 

Learn to tame the wildest software developer customer out there and join our posse!

What’s that? In a classic Western movie, when the sheriff gathers together a posse, its members usually work to find and arrest the bad guys. 

The classic image of a posse is from the Old West, of a group of cowboys. Originally the term was posse comitatus, Latin meaning the force of the country. Today, the word posse is used most often to refer to a group of friends or people with some common interest – like us!

How to convince your boss

Save 1000-10 000 EUR of money. So at the very minimum, you'll save as much as it costs you to buy this course and spend time studying it. 

How did we calculate it? This course is going to save you anything from 30 hours to 2 months of time interviewing users, designing market copy, support material or even creating the wrong APIs in the first place. Assuming your internal cost for the employer is about 40 EUR in total, that's where you are.

You'll save sales time as you will exactly know how the APIs fit your company's offering and what are the sales arguments for decision-makers and influencers, be they business or technology managers, or developers.

Faster support with fewer resources when you'll be much more ready to understand how to reduce support time and retain your developers best.

You'll be working the whole time. The course gives you plan, tools, and direction on how, who, and what to design as part of the customer and developer experience for your products or platform.

Join the Whisperers and get a free ticket to Virtual APIdays Helsinki Conference

As a launching offer, you get a free ticket to Virtual APIdays Helsinki Conference on 2 & 3 June. You receive instructions for the purchase in a day after completing the order.
Virtuap APIdays Helsinki, June 2 & 3 2020


Jarkko Moilanen

"DX Doctor", CDO

CDO at Platform of Trust by day, "DX Doctor" specialized in researching Developer Experience by night. Co-author of API Economy 101.

Marjukka Niinioja

Founding partner, APItalista

APItalista, Founding partner of Osaango Check my experience and connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter @Mniinioja. Do you have a question about a course or our services? Schedule 15 min with me