Learning goals

You will learn the basics of why API economy is important part of economy, and how to inject APIs into the strategy of an organization. The focus of this course is more in providing Open APIs than in internal or private APIs, but you will get to understand all types of APIs. The course is structured so that you will first learn about the relationship of APIs to business models, including the platform economy as a business model. Then you will learn how to create value through APIs by designing them the right way. You will also learn the basics of attracting the most important customer group, the API consumers, mostly developers and their managers.

  • Knows what API Economy is

  • Knows basics of how to create competitive, smart offering with APIs

  • Understands the difference between business models and APIs in Platforms, Platform Economy, and Partner Ecosystems


Marjukka Niinioja

Founding partner, APItalista

APItalista, Founding partner of Osaango Check my experience and connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter @Mniinioja. Do you have a question about a course or our services? Schedule 15 min with me

Marko Seppänen

Professor, Vice Dean for Education

Co-author of API Economy 101 Book. Professor at Tampere University in Industrial Management, keen on digital platforms, new kinds of value creation, and new business development & business transformation. You may contact me on LinkedIn or Twitter (@DrSeppanen)

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course

    • How to use this course

    • About this course content

    • Live webinars every other week at 10 a.m. UTC

    • My current skills and learning goals

    • First steps to API Economy

  • 2

    Create competitive, smart offering with APIs

    • APIs in company's offering

    • Discuss & share examples with other students

    • Quiz: APIs can be used in many different ways

    • Creating smart offering - case Google

    • Quiz: Societal-scale innovation with APIs

    • References and additional resources

  • 3

    APIs in Platforms, Platform Economy or Partner Ecosystem

    • Traditional vs. API vs. Platform Economy

    • Quiz: Can you identify the core interaction of a multi-sided platform?

    • Digital platforms vs. Platform business model?

    • Conclusions and further reading

  • 4

    The right API for the right purpose

    • Who should we open our APIs to?

    • Quiz: How open is company data via Open APIs?

    • Additional resources

    • Quiz: API Economy is...

    • You're almost done!

    • Before you go...

Live webinars every other Friday

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Introduction to API Economy Q&A live webinar


  • Do I need to be a student?

    No you don't. Are you a professional looking to update your skills? You can also take this course as part of your professional development. Get a certificate for achievement for your CV, LinkedIn profile or to submit to your HR records.

  • I'm a teacher, can I use this course with my students?

    You can use this course as part of your curriculum. If you need to, you can give your own instructions for the final project. Please contact us at Osaango for more detailed instructions ([email protected])

  • Do I need to have Bachelor's degree to take this course?

    This course is designed for Master's level studies, but you can also include it in other forms of educations. Check the learning goals and how you can use this course as part of your studies.

  • How many credits can I get from passing this course?

    1 ECTS

  • How much time will I need?

    This course should take no more than 27 hours of studies. This is assuming you have previous experience of university level studies and you have a bachelor's degree from business, computer science or related field. If you have the study background and previous experience of APIs and using them for business, it should take you much less time to complete the course.

  • How do I pass the course?

    By completing all the lessons and quizzes. The quizzes require a minimum of 50% of a passing grade, but you can retake the quiz at any time.

  • I'm not a student at Tampere University - how do I get the credit?

    If you are studying at a university or school, ask a member of the faculty. You will get a certificate automatically from us to show you have passed the course. You can apply for a FREE Open University credit from Tampere University, Finland via electronic process. The link and instructions are provided at the end of the course.

  • I'm a student at Tampere University - how do I get my credit?

    Ask your teacher to include it as a partial assignment to a course you are studying or take the credit via Open University.

  • I have a question to the experts or tutors - how do I reach them?

    Check the Expert profile on this page. You can always reach our staff at info(at)osaango.com or via the Intercom widget in the right corner of the page.

How to get Open University course grade?

Yes, you see correctly! You can apply for Open University grade for Introduction to API Economy course. Click the following button for detailed instructions.

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4 star rating

good introduction to a complex and emerging area

Ankit Nigam